Sunday, 25 June 2017

God provides in so many amazing ways!

I'm loving adjusting into life as a married woman, and already it feels like my husband and I have been married forever although it's only been about four months!!!

As I walked through a season of what seemed like lots of waiting for marriage (sometimes it felt as if the season of dating/courting then engagement would never end!) one thing I really struggled to come to terms with was trusting the Lord in the midst of what I increasingly became aware is the really materalistic culture in which we live in. I had a constant battle in my head of how to best live for the Lord - trust Him and take a step of faith into marriage while circumstances were less than ideal, or take a step of faith in continuing to wait for His provision? It seemed to me that there was no one "right" answer!

Obviously, everybody's situation is different so I cannot speak universally here but I do know that the journey the Lord bought me on so far has been worth every single minute of uncertianty! Of course we would always like to know that what our future holds is predictable and smooth (we can all insert our own worries in here!), but what I have been finding is that if it was, where would we be learning to trust God? 

He has been challenging me that in the uncertianty, in the hair raising "it's just not fair Lord!" moments that He wants me to trust Him with an utter and complete and childlike faith that says, "No matter what my circumstances are Lord, I will continue to follow you and trust that You are good and that  You really do love me".

I could ramble on and on . . . but I think that one statement says it all. May you trust our loving heavenly Father no matter what!

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