Sunday, 11 December 2016

Some exciting news . . .

Hi friends and readers of this blog, 

I want to apologise for a rather prolonged absence from blogging! But I have some rather exciting news . . . 

In about two months I get married to a wonderful and godly young man. This explains that I've been somewhat absent (and preoccupied!) but by both the Lord's and my young man's prompting, I've decided to take up blogging again! 

To tell you the truth, in our walk with the Lord we go through seasons - and the last few years have been a real time of being challenged by Him on so many things and humbled in so many ways. I have had to come to grips in a way that I never had to before that I really struggle to trust the Lord. This season has been so full of joy but also of learning that I can loose sight so easily of my first Love, the Lord, and the need to press into Him and trust Him for everything! But over and over and over again He has proved Himself faithful no matter how distanced I may "feel" I grow from Him He is always there. I am beyond blessed to be His daughter!

I can't wait to hopefully introduce some posts by my young man sometime here, if he is okay to share some of his writing and thoughts. I am so excited to start on our journey together as a married couple and I can in all honesty say that the self-sacrifical, God-given love he daily bestows on me as we have journeyed through courting/dating and now this season of engagement has shown me more clearly than I ever knew before how very much the Lord loves me (and to think that can only give glimpse of the depth of that love - wow!)

Anyhow, it is late and that is all I can probably share for now but I look forward to writing more soon!

To close, this song really sums up my prayer to the Lord at the moment as I enter into a new season:

God bless!

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