Sunday, 6 December 2015

Trust Him

I saw this today on Pinterest and it seemed so good I couldn't help but share it! :)

It really made me think: am I truly content to rest in the Lord and His plans no matter what that means or where I end up or how it may differ from how I think things should go? Am I living my life trusting in God and His provision regardless of my circumstances?

I like the descriptions of each of these as well. Having a "yes" and going ahead with something we want is great, it is "much desired". But when the Lord puts an end to or stops our plans from happening it can sometimes be a demonstration of His mercy and grace as we may not know all the implications (he might stop us from being somewhere where a car accident will happen for instance). Sometimes we may want something to happen but it's a case of waiting, and waiting . . . and waiting some more! Then other times there may be no clear solution at all and all He wants us to do is trust Him when we don't have a clue as to what's ahead.

In each of these situations we are given a chance to glorify God - isn't that an amazing thought!? Doubtless we all fit somewhere in there. I for one find myself in the "not yet" category in some areas of my life, and "trust God" in others, and a week or two ago a "no" happened that in some ways is a blessing and in other ways is frustrating! What struck me as interesting though is that none of these are ultimately a negative outcome. Sure things may not happen as or when I want but GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. He is still soverign! 

Which means that no matter which way things are going my response should be only to glorify Him more for the ways He is at work, to continue to look for opportunities to serve Him. To realize that our ultimate aim is to glorify Him and point others to Him.

I have challenge for myself at the moment. Rather than looking inwardly and feeling sorry for myself, I want to instead be seeing each "yes", "no", "not yet" and "trust Me" as different opportunties to continue to glorify the Lord. I want to be praying that He will help me to fix my eyes first on Him and trust that everything else will then fall into its proper place. :)

God bless!