Sunday, 13 September 2015

Not Having a Drivers Licence

I'm one of those few young adults in their twenties (it seems anyway) who doesn't have a full or restricted drivers licence yet. So, for the benefit of anyone else in the same boat or those wanting to extend a bit of sympathy for those of us who don't yet have a licence, I thought I'd write up some of the benefits and disadvantages of it (because yes, believe it or not, there are benefits to not having a car!)


  • No car related costs - no having to pay for insurance, fuel, maintence etc.
  • You never have to pay for gym membership: after all you are biking and walking everywhere!
  • Time: you're forced to slow down and take a breather frequently be it by waiting for the bus, taking a long walk across town or whatever, and this gives you the opportunity to be planning ahead or having a good long prayer time. :)
  • Being able to spend lots of quality time with friends while getting excercise! It's great to have at least one other friend who doesn't have their licence who can walk with you everywhere, you get to know them so much better and have lovely long chats that you never seem to find time for any other way!
  • Never paying for parking or having to worry about moving your car! :D 
  • No worrying about doing something wrong by accident and getting caught by police or having a car accident that you are responsible for (unless you have a learners in which case this doesn't apply as you are worried about this all the time)!


  • Having to explain to every second person the embarrassing fact that yes, you're in your twenties, and no you can't get to that place this time as you can't yet drive yourself anywhere, which is often met with a "wow, what century do you live in?" look.
  • Always feeling the expectation from others that at your age you will already have your licence and if not that you will get it very soon (being a history student I just try reminding myself that people have lived without drivers licences for hundreds of years).
  • Being reliant on your parents, friends and even workmates to get places. :(
  • Inconvienience: you can't just jump in a vehicle and go anywhere. If you're a female you can't go anywhere in the evening (such as Bible studies) without arranging things in advance. You can't go visit people out of town easily either.
  • Having to endure the reality that friends who are much younger than you have a lot more freedom and independence than you and are able to be adults more easily.
  • Bad weather can really mess with your plans, and often you have to cancel things just because the weather turned bad and you now can't get there without getting drenched.
  • Huge chunks of your day vanishing by you just trying to get places (a bus across town and back can end up taking about 40 minutes to an hour of your day).
  • Having lots of friend who'd like to take you somewhere and would be willing to if they could but who can't as they're on their restricted.
  • Being bound by timetables, or running late to things because "the bus was late" or even worse "I missed my bus".
  • Not being able to go to something you really want to go to simply because you can't get there without a car and don't want to bother anybody about it by asking for a ride.
  •  Public transport costs: I have the benefit of living in a place where buses are free for university students so this isn't an issue for me but in many other places this can become a real dilemma. 
  • Having a learners and always worrying that you will NEVER progress to anything more because all your friends picked up driving far faster than you and worrying that your licence will expire first and you will have to start at the beginning again.
Hope you found that somewhat humourous but with a lot of truth! I think I might try getting on with this as the disadvantages seem to be outweighing the benefits at this point in time! Please pray for me that I would continue to work at it and that I would get there (eventually)!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lessons I've Been Learning Lately

Some things I've been learning lately:

Love is a choice, it is not just something that "happens" or should only be directed towards those we care about but something the Lord commands us to do and extend to everyone! We all have our unloveable moments but what greater way to demonstrate the gospel practically in our lives by extending forgivness and love even when others don't always deserve it.
GRACE is so, so, so important in the Christian life! Far more important than I ever realised it was when the Lord first bought me to Him. HOWEVER, when you begin to learn the importance of grace, it is easy to slip into compromise in areas where holiness and living for the Lord DOES still matter! May He keep me ever close to Him so I can make the distinction of how to best live for Him! 

 We go through different seasons in our lives, where things can take a sudden and unexpected turn and throw our plans into disarray (upsetting this girl who loves to plan everything out way in advance)! While it's good to make plans I'm learning that its important to be content no matter what the situation or how differently things turn out and to "rest in the grace-filled arms of God"  knowing that He's working all things out for His glory and our good! The future is a scary place especially when you havn't a clue where you're going to be or what you're going to be doing, but if you are His, God's always right there ahead of you and helping you to make decisions that honour and glorify Him.

Seasons change heaps when you're in your 20s, and you have to be ready for the reality that people come and go, get married, have children, move cities, and so on. I'm learning to be content that I may not be in contact with some friends as much as I used to, but that doesn't make them any less my friends, the Lord just now has us in different seasons of our lives and that's okay! :) 
With my best friend at her bridal shower
We can live life with a "when I get what I want then I will be truly happy" attitude, and yet when God graciously gives us that one thing, we quickly turn something else into an idol. He alone is where ultimate happiness is found even though He gives us much to be thankful for in this life!

Comparison is the thief of joy: I'm learning that when I'm always comparing myself to others I'm never very happy and may miss the many blessings the Lord has showered into my life. Also the more I look the more I find people wish that they had what I do when my life is far from perfect! We all have our own struggles and so I'm learning that rather than being jealous or comparing myself its important to become so focussed on Christ and Him being everything to me that all these things are not signficant in comparrison.

Enjoying a cup of tea!
Never to lose the joy the Lord gives! Not necessarily a permanant smile on my face 24/7 but that deep-seated contentedness that only comes from the Lord. Sometimes not losing the joy may mean learning to just relax and spend time with Him. :)

Bubble tea with friends! :)
Be prepared to change.  I'm a stuck-in-old-ways kind of a person, but in the Bible we are told to put off the old man and put on the new! If you are a Christian, this means you have to be open to criticisms and change. I'm the kind of girl who likes to hold fast to set opinions and ways of doing things so this is really hard for me: I don't like being told I'm wrong about something and can be really stubborn and proud, and I tend to have an "if I've always done things this way it's got to be right" mindset. As we mature both in age and in our faith we may end up changing our opinions on some things and its easy to get conscience stricken and confused when something we may have once seen as a sin we find we have Christian liberty in or vice versa. Again, I need to trust the Lord, that He's got me and while I may slip up if I keep seeking Him and what He says in His word, I needn't fear. :)

A quaint church I did a history research project on lately
Try not to overthink things. Sometimes it pays to just relax, have that cup of tea, a soak in the bath, read a book, tinkle away on the piano . . . :)

Life is short: once you hit your twenties, its a shock to realise that most likely you have already used up about 1/4 of your life! Wow! 

Little me :)

Live for eternity: not just the temporary, this world, the here and now. When we meet the Lord how sad will it be to think we've wasted the short time we were here! 

Two great books on this topic
 As you can see, growing up certianly means you learn a lot!