Sunday, 30 August 2015

Welcome to this Blog!

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! I am an ordinary young lady whose life has been shaped and continues to be shaped by God's glorious grace! I have a deep love of history, literature (especially from the nineteenth century: Charles Dickens is one of my favourite ever authors!) and classical music. I am drawing to the end of a Bachelor of Arts degree and as I move into adulthood I am excited to see just what the Lord has in store for me! :)

Over the last few years, I have enjoyed blogging - first at a blog called Violets and Daisies done with some friends and later at a blog called Rejoice in the Lord always! which was aimed at encouraging Christians encountering trials in their lives. While I have enjoyed each of these blogs, and will continue to post at both from time to time, I feel as if I have outgrown them somewhat and I feel the need to create my own little space on the net, where I can write my own musings on any given topic as it comes to mind. 

As for the title of this blog: it feels as if I am entering a new season of my life and that one of the lessons the Lord seems to be teaching me is that of grace. You can read some of my earlier musings on that here, but in essence I am learning the importance of grace in the gospel, and that it is so easy to get side-tracked from that. So, please join me and pray for me as I record here the journey of a young lady learning to rest more in God and His grace! I'm not yet sure exactly what I'm going to post here, but much of it will I imagine be lessons I am learning both through life and through the Lord's word and my own personal readings, with the occassional "just for fun" posts. :) I imagine I'm going to cover in a devotional-type style topics relevant to many young women wrestling with living in light of God's grace: topics such as legalism/liberalism, dating/courting/marriage, inspirational Bible passages, about friendships, Godly living and so on. I also love reading other blogs so no doubt as I come across great articles I will be sharing those too! :) Oh and I can't forget random posts on some of my favourite hobbies, be it music, history, reading or whatever!

Feel free to visit this blog's Facebook page here at for regular updates on posts! Please bear with me while I take a while to set up both this page and the blog. :)

To finish, here is a quote by Martyn-Lloyd Jones that I have found really encouraging lately as it really sums up the lesson I have been learning in grace!

God bless! Praying that as you read this blog you may be drawn closer to the Lord and that He may encourage you through it to live more for His glory!

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